Do you want to develop a deeper connection with your body and your sexuality?

Seeking to live a more fulfilling sexual and intimate life?

Are past unpleasant sexual experiences being an obstacle for you?

Would you like to better your sexual life in your relationship?

Do you need to release emotional pain stored in your body?

At Orange Bodies we offer one-to-one sessions to help you grow in your sexuality and as a human being, individually and in your relationships. Our sessions aim at connecting you more to your body to become more aware of your desires, learn how to express them freely, get in touch with your sexuality, and overcome sexual and emotional obstacles.
Somatic sexuality sessions are aimed at teaching you new skills to deepen your intimate and sexual life. They give you the opportunity to discover your body and your sexuality at a deeper level, and be able to integrate this within your sexual and relational life.  

Somatic sexuality can help with various aspects, including:

  • Developing a more self-validated sexuality
  • Being more aware of your needs and limits, and expressing them in a clearer way
  • Reconnecting with sexual desire
  • Overcoming difficulties related to arousal and orgasm
  • Relieving pain during sex
  • Overcoming past difficult sexual experience
  • Working through sexual shame
  • Exploring the healing power of pleasure
  • Deepening the connection between intimate partners
  • Dealing with aspects related to sexual orientation or gender identity

Somatic sexuality sessions are based on breathing, movement, sound, touch and conscious presence. They can include different kinds of meditation or massage techniques, as well as other self-exploration techniques. Sessions can be held both with individuals or with partners in order to learn first hand how to improve intimate life within a relationship.

The body exercises that we will do can bring up emotions or memories for you. At Orange Bodies we strive to help you process and make sense of such memories and emotions in order to reach a deeper level of integration. This is why we combine therapy with somatic work. The extent of this integration is always decided between you and the practitioner.

Orange Bodies is a non-judgemental space that welcomes people of all gender identities, sexual orientations and practices, and relationship units.

What to expect during a typical session

When you book your first session at Orange Bodies, you will receive a short questionnaire with brief questions about your aims, and an agreement around confidentiality and professional boundaries that will be discussed during the first meeting.

A somatic sexuality session typically lasts two hours. During your first session you will be asked for some details about your sexual and body history as these are the context of the work we will embark on. We will take some time to discuss what we will focus on and what changes you would like to see in yourself.

The experiential aspect consists of bodily exercises that we will decide together depending on what is more appropriate for you. Exercises can involve touch but this is decided at the beginning of each session and you can always pause or stop an exercise at any point in time. At the end there will be some time for closure so that you can integrate your experience.

Professional boundaries

The aim of all exercises in somatic sexuality is solely for your benefit, education and pleasure as a client. Hence, despite the very intimate work that can at times be done, there is no sexual engagement with the practitioner. You are in full control of what happens during sessions and you can always pause or stop an exercise at any point in time regardless of what was initially decided. Any touch involved will only be one way and consensual, meaning that only you will be touched by the practitioner and only with your consent. The same applies for any nudity involved as the practitioner will be clothed at all times. 

If you would like to work on giving touch to someone else you can bring someone with you to the session, something which we will discuss beforehand.

Individuals or more

You can attend somatic sexuality sessions as an individual. However, if we can also with your relationship group, whatever form it takes (couples, polyamorous relationship, etc.). All individuals who attend must be over 18 years old.

Confidentiality and data protection

Any somatic sexuality work undertaken is completely confidential unless legally required to do otherwise (e.g. criminal activity). Anonymised notes are kept following sessions in order to plan longer term work. The notes will be stored in a secure location and destroyed after a period of 5 years from the date when we finish our work.


Sessions last either 1 or 2 hours. Somatic sexuality sessions where we do practical exercises last two hours. This gives us time to discuss what you want to use the session for, work on that and then draw it to a close. However, sometimes we will also be having sessions that are only an hour long. In these sessions we will not be doing any bodywork practice. The focus during these sessions is to process what is happening in our work and to help you integrate your experience into your everyday life.

The price for a session is 1125 kr per hour.

Location & opening hours

Trepkasgade 17, kld., 2100 Copenhagen
(the bell is the one labelled “Terapeuterne”)

The office is in front of Rigshospitalet and a 9-minute walk from Trianglen metro station.

Monday: 9:00 – 16:00
Tuesday: 9:00 – 19:00
Wednesday: 9:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00