Deeper Connection

Orange Bodies

Orange Bodies is a space for you to establish a deeper connection with your body and your sexuality in an embodied way. The foundation of our work is body-focused and experiential, integrated with a trauma-informed therapeutic approach.

Our aim is to facilitate an experience through which you can bring attention to your body and your erotic self, discover new ways of being in touch with your physical pleasure that is not necessarily about sex, and develop a more embodied sexuality. In our work we look at how your experience of your body and your sexuality is hindered or suppressed and provide a safe and confidential setting to work through this for you to develop into a more integrated person. We do this through individual work and through workshops and retreats that give you the chance to experience this growth together with others.

Orange Bodies was founded by Michael Conti, a highly qualified and experienced psychological counsellor, EMDR therapist, life coach, clinical supervisor and somatic sexuality specialist. He is specialised in working with sexuality and gender, as well as with trauma. He is also the founder of Forging Paths where he offers online therapy and coaching.

At Orange Bodies we are open to all kinds of diversity. We adopt an accepting and affirmative approach towards sexual and gender identity, diverse relationship formats and alternative sexual practices. We work considerably with LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples, people who are in polyamorous or open relationships, as well as with those who are involved in kink, fetish or BDSM sexual practices.

Upcoming events

Meeting my embodied and sexual self

Meeting my Embodied and Sexual Self

Dat: 1-2 April 2023

Location: Malta

Living Better with Yourself

Living Better with Yourself

Embark on a journey of embodied self-development that enables you to live better with yourself. This is an opportunity for you to better integrate your mind, body, emotions and behaviour, while using your body as a primary way for bringing about change within yourself. Living Better with Yourself integrates different psychological and body approaches to increase your awareness of how you currently experience your life, offering you the opportunity to better understand how your past has impacted your own development and providing you with tools to further your personal growth. It is also a great resource for accompanying others in their personal growth.


We are organising a series of online courses aimed at helping you live better with yourself by getting to know yourself better and become more embodied in your personal growth.

The series of courses consists of:

The series of courses compliments the book “Living Better with Yourself – A Practical Guide to Embodied Growth”.

About Michael

Orange bodies - body and sexuality

Michael is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist, coach, counsellor, trauma specialist and supervisor for psychosocial professionals. He trained as a Somatic Sexuality Specialist with the Instituto Cuerpo y Sexualidad. This training is founded in sexological bodywork and Gestalt therapy, amongst other approaches. As a psychotherapist he trained in various different therapeutic approaches, including specialised training in working with trauma as an EMDR therapist. He is the founder of Forging Paths where he offers online coaching and psychological therapy. He is a registered psychotherapist with the Malta Psychotherapy Profession Board.

Apart from his work as a coach and psychological therapist, he works specifically with somatic sexuality, running workshops that focus on embodiment and sexuality. In his somatic sexuality work, Michael adheres to the code of ethics of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. You can read more about his work on his website.

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Workshops we offer

Meeting my embodied and sexual self

Meeting my Embodied and Sexual Self

Become a more embodied person and develop the way you experience and live out your sexuality.

The Five Pillars of Connection

Deepen your bodily awareness of the five pillars of connection and learn to own and express your desires through consent.

Melting into Embrace

Tune in to your embodied experience and emotions while embracing others and being embraced.

Surfing my Skin

Switch on and fine tune your conscious awareness of the sensations of your skin.