Orange Bodies

Orange Bodies is a space to establish a deeper connection to sexuality in an embodied way. The foundation of our work is body-focused and experiential, allowing you to get more in touch with your senses, awaken your body, widen your ability to feel pleasure, and develop a more embodied sexuality.

Our fundamental belief is that we are a body that has thoughts and that experiences emotions. This body is a sexual and sensual body, capable of connection and pleasure that goes far beyond our genitals, a body that we often suppress or limit. This body is also a body in relation with others: we are not made to be alone. Hence, at Orange Bodies we aim at integrating the different dimensions of human experience while rooting this experience in our body, including its sexual aspect.

Orange Bodies was created by Michael Conti, a highly experienced psychotherapist, coach, counsellor and clinical supervisor. As a psychotherapist, he is accredited by the European Association of Psychotherapy and has trained especially in working with sexuality and with trauma. He is also a Somatic Sexuality Specialist (ICS).

About Michael

Michael is an accredited and highly experienced psychotherapist, coach, and clinical supervisor. He trained as a Somatic Sexuality Specialist with the Instituto Cuerpo y Sexualidad. This training is founded in sexological bodywork and Gestalt therapy. As a psychotherapist he trained in various different therapeutic approaches, including more specialised training in working with trauma as an EMDR therapist. He holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, issued by the European Association for Psychotherapy. He is also registered with different professional bodies. including EMDR Danmark, EMDR Europe, and the Malta Psychotherapy Profession Board.

Apart from his work as a psychotherapist, he works specifically with somatic sexuality, offering one-to-one sessions and running workshops centred on the body and sexuality. In his somatic sexuality work, Michael adheres to the code of ethics of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. You can read more about his work on his website.

Orange bodies - body and sexuality

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five pillars of pleasure

The five pillars of connection

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Open to all gender and sexual identities


with Michael Conti

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Deepen your bodily awareness of the five pillars of connection and learn to own and express your desires through consent.

Workshops offered

workshop on going deeper into hugging

Tune in to your body in the moment of embracing. Take time to deeply connect to your embodied experience and your emotions when you are in such close proximity to another human being.


Surfing my skin

The skin is our point of contact with our surroundings but we get used to it. It’s time to switch our sensation back on.

five pillars of pleasure

The five pillars of connection

Deepen your bodily awareness of the five pillars of connection and learn to own and express your desires through consent.