We embrace lovers, friends, and family. But rarely do we dwell in the quality of that embrace and explore how our senses experience that moment. How would it feel like if there were no expectations around that embrace? What would happen if we prolong it in time? What if we deepen our awareness of our whole body during that moment?

This workshop is about tuning in to your body in the moment of embracing. We will take time to deeply connect with our embodied and emotional when we are in such close proximity with another human being.

During the workshop we will be primarily using body movements and exercises, with an open sharing at the end. It is advisable to wear thin comfortable clothing that allows you to feel through your skin. Better wear a thin t-shirt than a thick sweatshirt! While you might be invited to stretch your comfort zone in some exercises, your participation is always voluntary and knowing and respecting your boundaries is of utmost importance.


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Open to all gender and sexual identities
with Michael Conti
Language: English
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Tune in to your body in the moment of embracing. Take time to deeply connect to your embodied experience and your emotions when you are in such close proximity to another human being.

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Melting into embrace
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