The Five Pillars of Connection

The more connected we are to our body, the greater the pleasure we experience and the better we feel. But what helps this connection?

A deep experience of body pleasure relies on five aspects: breathing, movement, vocalisation, touch, and presence. The more of these aspects are present in our life, the deeper and more intense the feeling of pleasure – something crucial for sexual pleasure. Being so intimately connected to ourselves increases our awareness of our desires and enables us to express them. But when we are facing another person we risk shifting away from this awareness and expression and end up blocking ourselves or submitting to what we don’t want. This diminishes our pleasure and wellbeing and often leads to lower sexual desire and activity.

During this day workshop we will explore each of these five aspects. We will look at each one separately, making it easier to integrate them. We will also look at how to own and express our desires using Betti Martin’s wheel of consent. This makes it possible to establish a space where we can freely experience and express our pleasure in the presence of another person while remaining fully connected to ourselves.

We will be using body exercises, individually or in pairs/group. There will also be moments of sharing throughout. While you are invited to stretch your comfort zone, your participation is always voluntary in all activities. You can always decide to step away from an activity if you feel that it is not right for you at that particular moment.

Knowing and respecting your boundaries is of utmost importance. When working with others you are always free to ask and you are always free to say no – and so are the other participants. Consent entails freedom and responsibility: for your desires and towards those of others.

Please wear thin, comfortable clothing. Touch is best experienced through direct contact with the skin. Although this workshop does not involve nudity, it is recommended that you are lightly clad during parts of the workshop (e.g. brief shorts, tank top, swimsuit, underwear). Remember that you are in complete control of what level of exposure you want to engage in at any point in time during the workshop.


10:00 – 17:00

Open to all gender and sexual identities




Michael Conti


English / Maltese
(depending on participants)




Bank transfer / Revolut

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The five pillars of pleasure

The five pillars of pleasure

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