Melting into embrace


Do you like hugging?

Tune in to your body and take the time to deeply connect to your bodily and emotional experience when you embrace someone.

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Do you like hugging?

We embrace lovers, friends, and family. But rarely do we dwell in the quality of that embrace and explore how our senses experience that moment. How would it feel if there were no expectations around that embrace? What would it feel like to prolong it in time? What would happen if you focus your attention on every cubic inch of your body during that moment?

This workshop is about allowing yourself to tune in to your bodies and in particular your sense of touch. We take time to deeply connect to what we experience in our body and in our emotions when we embrace another person.

The workshop consists mostly of body movement or exercises as individuals or pairs, with an open sharing at the end for those who wish to share their experience. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing.


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